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For the Husky Game Dev game jam, this is a 3D voxel game similar to Minecraft. The main difference is it's always nighttime and the way to mine is through using a reflective projectile. More of a tech demo than a game, but enjoy it regardless!

Soundtrack:  https://soundcloud.com/gobui-extras/sets/rimecraft


  • WASD: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • Left Shift: Sprint
  • Left Control: Crouch
  • Mouse: Aim
  • Left-click: Fire Projectile
  • Right-click: Build 
  • Scroll wheel: Navigate Hotbar
  • Q: Open Inventory
  • R: Teleports you back to spawn
  • G: Throw held item
  • 0-9: Select inventory hotbar slot
  • ESC: Quits

Multi-Rimecraft Instructions

Note: This is also more updated than the non-multiplayer version. Certain features like crouching only work in multi-rimecraft and not regular rimecraft.

To play Multi-Rimecraft you have to host a server. When you hit play there will be two sets of input fields. The input fields on the left will be options for hosting a server (port, player count, world seed) and the options on the right will add a server with a given IP and port to the list (hit add to add the server).

If you are running the server on your own machine, use the IP "" to play on your own server with whatever port you used (by default ports are 26950). If you hit the ping button the game will check again if it can connect to the servers in the list similar to how Minecraft does. If the color of the squares is green then you should be able to join the servers.


If you are having performance issues, you want to lower the view distance in the settings. This game is not well optimized and you likely want to play at about 3 render distance.


Install instructions

  1.  Download zip file
  2. Unzip zip file
  3. Run exe file


Rimecraft.zip 127 MB
Multi-Rimecraft v1.0.zip 148 MB

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